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AQUASANA AQ-4100 Shower Filter System

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Q: How many types of Waterborn outdoor filter? 3 Types, there are: 1. W-10: Fiber glass housing 10 years warranty + Zeoplus Filter Media, RM899 2. W-300Z: #304 Stainless Steel housing 10 years warranty + Zeoplus Filter Media, RM1599 3. PS-10: #304 Stainless steel housing 10 years warranty + Sitron Filter Bag, RM2899   Q: What's the different within Fiber glass & Stainless steel? W-300Z, #304 stainless steel is more durable, reliable and long lasting even after install under the sunlight, it can last up to 20-40 years compare to Fiber glass (W-10) which only last for 10 years+/-, however, both models are using Zeoplus from Australia, therefore having the same cleanliness in water as results.   Q: Is the Zeoplus media better than the 5 layer sand media? Yes, it is. Zeoplus comes with 3 filtration function such as Sieving, Depth Filtration and Absorption whereas 5 layered sand only have the function of Depth Filtration. Moreover, Zeoplus is a product of Australia volcanic rock, therefore it lasted longer than those of normal river sand which only lasted for 2-3 years.   Q: How may I know that you are really using a Zeoplus media? Unlike the 5 layered sand media where they pre-fill the sand causing the customers to be in the dark concerning their content, our installer will only refill the Zeoplus media right before the customers after their thorough inspection.   Q: What's the different between Zeoplus media & Sitron Filter bag? Sitron Filter bag (PS-10) is 10 times cleaner compare to Zeoplus (W-300Z or W-10), and it's hassle free meaning it does not require regular backwash, it required to clean the filter bag 1-2 times a year, and the Sitron Filter bag can be reused.   Q: Do I need to do backwash regularly? Yes, we recommend you to backwash 1-2 times a monthly (W-300Z or W-10) PS-10 does not required to do backwash, it’s hassle free.   Q: How frequent to change the filter media? 1. Zeoplus change around 5 years+, with the cost of RM400+ 2. Sitron Filter bag change around 5 years+, with the cost of RM600+   Q: Will the Waterborn affect the water pressure? Not really, the effect of the water pressure after the filter is mild, within 5-10%.   Q: Do you include free delivery? yes, we provide free shipping within Malaysia, however for East Malaysia & Brunei there may be some delay on arrival.   Q: Do you include free installation? Yes, free installation is included within Klang Valley areas, Penang, Kedah, Seremban area & Miri, Sarawak   Q: Can it be filter well water? Yes, it is advised to choose Waterborn Sitron Filter bag model: PS-10   Q: Do you provide after sales service? Yes, please Whatsapp to 017-314 7880 for further assistance.   read more
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AQUASANA 5300+ Chinese Version (中文版)

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